Is Being a Patent Lawyer Stressful?

Stress is an inevitable part of any job, and patent law is no exception. Working long hours, dealing with demanding clients, and meeting tight deadlines can all be sources of stress for patent lawyers. However, the work itself can also be rewarding. Patent lawyers get to interact with customers and their innovative ideas, discuss inventions, and research the chances of obtaining a patent.

Although there is no data to compare whether having a certificate helps students secure intellectual property jobs other than those related to patents, it is likely that the same is true based on the experiences of former students. Additionally, while there may be more positions available for those with technical backgrounds, they are not usually the ones that an art historian would prefer; after all, patent lawyers need to understand concepts such as recombinant DNA or working with electrical circuits rather than how to illustrate them. The number of students with scientific backgrounds who are now attending law school and passing patent law is increasing. I have seen many Loyola students land summer jobs and even permanent positions without having to go through a patent bar.

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