Is the Patent Law Bar Exam Difficult?

The patent law bar exam is not a technical test and can be passed with the right preparation. Taking an accredited patent law preparation program, practicing with sample exams, and being serious about passing the exam will give you more than a 50% chance of success. To represent clients before the United States Patent Office, it is necessary to take and pass the patent attorney exam. For some time after the change, the Office did not ask much in relation to the first inventor to file, and then tried equally first to invent and first to archive, but in recent years the patent legal examination has almost abandoned first to invent questions in favor of asking exclusively (or almost exclusively) that only the first inventor submit the questions.

Add to this the fact that those who qualify for the exam are engineers and scientists, a group of people who are not usually known for their widespread failures, and you can get an idea of how difficult it is to pass it. The online course is useful because of its instructional videos that summarize and explain the folder, but above all it is very useful for its hundreds of practical questions and for the previous exams of the Patent Bar Association of 2003, etc., in which all the answers are explained. For those who have studied a lot of substantive patent law subjects in law school (such as those who have obtained a JD certificate in Patent Law, worked at the Patent Clinic, etc.), it's different because they have privileged information that you won't get outside of the course. Therefore, it is important to take advantage of these courses before thinking about making the exam difficult to compensate for the great disadvantage it really represents.

We recommend that students answer a minimum of 700 difficult exam-level questions after taking the PLI patent attorney review course. If you spend time studying, you'll find that some of the questions are relatively simple, such as simple applications of standards of the previous technique or basic data on patents, which take you about 30 seconds. Like many other exams, the Patent Bar Association is just another search for paper for an old-school, thinly walled profession. To ensure that you get adequate coverage, we continuously adjust the 2002 and 2003 exams so that the questions and answers remain good, practical questions of exam difficulty level based on current law that will be evaluated.

While the 2003 exams are useful, the law and standards tested and published are extremely outdated, so studying on the basis of old exams has, at best, a marginal benefit. Two series of 50 multiple-choice questions every 3 hours covering any subject of the MPEP are available in PDF format in the exam.

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